Taylor Swift gained more call-in votes on the last Country Whuppin', but as they often do, the online votes told the story on this day, as the duet from Bucky Covington and Shooter Jennings took a landslide win to become the new champion on the Country Whuppin'.  Today, they will face a challenge from the Eli Young Band.


Champion - Bucky Covington and Shooter Jennings "Drinkin' Side Of Country"


Bucky Covington has struggled to get a country hit lately, and Shooter Jennings has never really been able to score that mainstream country hit, but is it possible that the combo of the two could be the recipe for success?  Only your votes will tell.  This song might remind you of some of the driving melodies often produced by Shooter's late father, Waylon.

Challenger - Eli Young Band - Say Goodnight

The guys of the Eli Young Band have been working hard for years to get where they are now.  After two straight number one singles, one of which was the overall number one song of 2011, they are hoping to keep the train moving with another hit.  Will Say Goodnight be that hit?  You decide.


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