Montgomery Gentry couldn't hold on for a 4th win, as Brantley Gilbert took over as the new champion on the Country Whuppin'.  Brantley rides his first win into battle against Josh Turner's new single on today's Whuppin'.

Challenger - Brantley Gilbert "More Than Miles"



Brantley Gilbert saw great success with two singles in a row going to number one.  While his throw back to 'Kick It In The Sticks' fell a little short, he's back with another new tune hoping to keep it going.  There's a lot of Brantley fans out there, but can they keep this challenger rolling in the Country Whuppin'?  We shall see!

Champion - Josh Turner "Find Me A Baby'


Josh Turner's new album, 'Punching Bag' has already produced one top 10 single in 'Time Is Love.'  The second release stays true to the style that has made Josh famous.  Will this tune be the next to hit the top 10?  Vote if you think so.

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