Sports Illustrated recently named Connor and Cayden Long their Sports Kids for 2012. The Boys' story is one of the most incredible and inspirational stories I have ever seen. Connor and Cayden race in triathlons, but it's how they race, as brothers, that makes this story so unbelievable. Connor was very excited when he found out he would have a little brother and couldn't wait. Cayden finally came, but was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy within just a few months.Connor had trouble understanding why his brother could not walk or talk like he could. Once he understood, that's when he jumped into action.

Connor figured the best way for him to bond with Cayden was to do everything together and when a local triathlon for kids was organized, Connor knew that was the ticket. They have been racing together ever since and Connor will not enter any race without his brother. Where they always finish means absolutely they finish means everything.

See the Sports Illustrated presentation video and then watch the longer video below it, which gives a much more in depth look at their story and their lives. Watching the two videos will be one of the most inspirational 15 minutes of your life. Thank you boys for the inspiration and the lesson in brotherly love. Connor, you are the best big brother ever.