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Kentucky Girl Predicts the Biggest Upset In NCAA History
A 12 year old girl from Whitesville, KY, was one of the few who actually called the biggest upset in the history of the tournament. Yes, she called the Virginia VS UMBC game, RIGHT! Now, her dad plans on consulting her when he fills out any future brackets.
How Much Common Sense Do You Have? Take the Test
Do you think you have common sense? Do you think about questions before you answer them? Or, do you find yourself saying 'Geez, I knew that!' See just how much common sense you have by taking this test!
It’s National Password Day So You Should Change It
Let this be a day every year that you, unless you are remainder every 30 days by your work email like we are, to change your password. The Tristate Better Business Bureau offers some great tips to keep your personal information safe.

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