Weird News

Get A FREE Taco From Taco Bell Today!
While the Golden State Warriors celebrate winning the NBA Championship, you can celebrate with a FREE Dorito's Loco Taco! The Warriors won Game 3 in Cleveland last week and stole a win, so as part of their "Steal A Taco" campaign, Taco Bell is now giving away a FREE Doritos Lo…
Does Your Dog Sploot?
I heard a new term yesterday, I honestly thought it was a made up word. Turns out the word "sploot" is real and it's something your pet might be doing right now!
What to Do If You See a Turtle in the Road
I attempted to rescue a turtle on Green River Road the other evening, but as I got closer, I realized my rescue efforts were wasted on a boot. But it got me thinking, we see turtles in the road all the time, how are we sure we're properly rescuing them?  I checked with the Turtle Rescue Le…

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