The Top Selling NFL Jersey With Women Is…..
Football in America has never been more popular than it is right now, especially with women. The female fanbase for football has grown tremendously over the last several years and is now at an all time high.
Two Unique, New Ways to Protect Yourself
With violence against women seemingly at an all time high, it's important that we, as women, find ways protect ourselves. Whether it be a situation, as displayed in the Ray Rice video, where your attacker is someone you know, or as in the case of Evansville, IN woman Joelle Lockwood, where you are a…
Should the State Cover the Cost of Textbook Rental in Indiana?
The debate about textbook rental fees in Indiana schools has been raging for years with good arguments on both sides. According to the State Constitution of 1816, public education is to be provided free of charge, which makes you wonder about the policy of parents paying huge fees for the use of tex…

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