A Tribute to the Siblings of Childhood Cancer [VIDEO]
Our 2015 St. Jude Radiothon continues until 7pm today. We have been sharing many St. Jude stories, with you, of love, hope, fear and victory. When a child is diagnosed with Cancer, the entire family has rally around that child to help them with strength and support. And even though the parents are t…
World Cancer Day 2015, A Time of Reflection, Awareness and Hope
Today is World Cancer Day. It's a day to empower your friends and family members who are fighting for their lives, a day to remember those you love who have lost their battle and a day to take charge of your OWN life by becoming informed and screened.
Because of my family history and my age, I get an…
Remedy a Burn with Egg Whites [WATCH]
I had my annual doctor's appointment yesterday. Joy!  lol  Anyway, my doctor saw that I have a huge burn on my inner, left, forearm. I would show you, but it's gross. The burn happened because I was curling my hair, dropped the iron and then tried to catch it. Stupid! Doctor said it was too late now…
Great News – New Study Says Beer Is Actually Good For The Brain
Beer lovers rejoice!!! A new study suggests that drinking beer has a positive impact on the brain and actually improves your cognitive thinking.....I knew it!! All of this wonderful news is the result of what scientists have found out about Flavonoids, which are compounds found in plants.

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