Deep Fried Klondike Bars at the Fall Fest [Video]
When Chief of Police Billy Bolin raves about the deep fried klondike bars at the Fall Festival, you figure he knows what he's talking about!  They're his absolute favorite and claims they're the BEST at booth #16 The Potters Wheel.  This is Deb's first try and the Q Cre…
The Nat’l Museum of the US Air Force
I can't describe how amazing it was during my recent visit to the National Museum of the US Air Force at the Wright Patterson AFB near Dayton, OH.  My brother, who works for the US Air Force Intelligence, even took the day off to go with me and Mike on this tour.  It gives you a whole new perspectiv…
Deb Enjoys Quality Time with Her Grandson
It's always a joy and a blessing to spend some quality time with my grandson, Christopher.  Mike and I had babysitting duties recently and it's amazing how much time we spend being goofy, smiling and laughing in our grandson's presence.

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