Taylor Swift May Star In Upcoming ‘Girls Like Us’ Film
On the show this morning, I tols Jon He was right about something. What was he right about???  Taylor Swift's rapidly moving movie career. She recently played the voice of Audrey in ‘The Lorax,’ made an appearance in 2010′s ‘Valentine’s Day’ and also almost snagged a part as Eponine in the new film …
It’s Look-A-Like Day [Poll]
It's look-a-like day across this great country of ours and they say everyone has a twin. There are all kinds of websites with a look-a-like generator that will give you the best match for your picture. Everyone around here says it's kind of fun, but I'm not that excited about it and d…
Entertainment Legend, Dick Clark Dies At 82
Today the entertainment world has lost one of the most influential figures of all time.  TMZ is reporting that Dick Clark passed away today after a procedure last night in an LA Hopital lead to a massive heart attack this morning.
A Real Flying ‘Back To The Future’ DeLorean Is Here [Video]
One of the greatest parts of the movie classic "Back to the Future" is that cool DeLorean time machine that Doc Brown built. One of the actual cars from the movie is on display at Universal Studios in Orlando. At the end of the original movie, Doc Brown tells Marty 'Where we&a…

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