She has risen from a young Oklahoma country girl to the biggest and most glamorous star in country music.  She achieved her dream of becoming a Grand Ole Opry member in 2008, and on Friday, June 7th, during CMA Music Fest, Carrie Underwood celebrated 5 years of being a member, and I was lucky enough to be there.

Minutes after her first performance, she met with a Make A Wish kid in her dressing room, followed by a charity meet and greet winner.  Luckily, it was my turn to go into her dressing room, the appropriately themed 'Women of Country' room.  We had a short chat, and it was a true honor to talk to such an amazing talent and amazing woman.  She took time to chat with myself and Baby Boy Brian for a while, she graciously signed some pictures, we'll be auctioning off for St. Jude, and she was overall a true sweetheart the entire visit.  Listen now to the interview we recorded with her, Saturday night.