Bruce Pearl was fired yesterday as Tennessee's mens basketball coach. This story is not surprising if you have been following this story over the last few months and it will generate a lot of opinions around Southern Indiana. Pearl is a great coach, no question, but did he deserve to be fired? Probably. Like it or not, college athletics has rules as set forth by the NCAA and Pearl broke the rules. The problem is he broke those rules knowingly and willingly and then knowingly and willingly misled investigators. This does seem to be a trend in College sports today and some may argue that this is the only way to attract and keep good players and more importantly, keep winning. This may be true to some extent, but until the NCAA changes the rules, it is what it is and violations carry consequences and more coahes will be fired. Pearl can hopefully get past this and resume doing what he does best. To read the entire MSN / Foxsports article, click here.