The only part I enjoy about the Super Bowl, aside from the football pants, are the ads. Although completely overpriced, ( $3 million for 30 sec.) they are the most hilarious and creative ads we see all year. USA Today recently announced the 25 best Super Bowl ads of the past 24 years - I completely agree!

USA Today used their real-time ad meter comsumer ranking that they have used for the last 24 years. Here are some of the results!

McDonalds made a slam dunk with this ad back in 1993. It was ranked number one! Oh, wait, no dunking allowed. LOL


Coming in at number 25, which is the worst of the best with Budweiser and some  King Crab. Yummy!!


I LOVE the Doritos commercials! And two of my faves made the list! Both involve dogs. HAHA

Number 15:

And, number 23:

But a few of my faves DIDN'T make the list.....


If you want to be a part of this year's ranking, click here!

To get us all in the Super Bowl commercial frame of mind, some 25 MORE ads I found!!