For Christmas, my 16 year old son got the Batman Trilogy. We were all so excited to have a Dark Knight marathon. But I must admit that after the first two installments, my excitement turned to cynicism. And when that happens, I am AWFUL to watch a movie with. I can't stop pointing out the mistakes and burning questions.

You know, I should have taken into consideration the fact that I fell asleep during my first attempt at watching 'The Dark Knight Rises.' and just watched 'Marvin Marvin' on Nick. LOL But NO. I tried again, this time fully awake. And now, I have a few questions!


  1. Why does Batman talk with THAT annoying and barely audible voice??
  2. Is Cat Woman a lesbian?
  3. Why aren't the Gothemians afraid of the radiation from the nuclear bomb that Batman threw in the river?
  4. How does the cop guy know he's supposed to dress up in tights, fight bad guys and call himself Robin? A look from Batman?
  5. And if Bruce Wayne's picture is always splashed all over the paper? Why doesn't anybody recognize him during brunch?
  6. Most importantly, why, if Batman is so tech savvy and rich, does he still read a paper and not have an iPad or iPhone? If you noticed, he still carries a flip phone! WHY?

Along with my questions, I found a video of even MORE questions from some genius minds like mine. ;-)

Caution: Some language.



We're just sayin!