A city in Florida is trying to become the premium nudist destination and see what happens when  a reindeer escapes.


Pasco, Florida is starting a new advertising campaign, as the travel destination for naked people. The county is home to more that a dozen nudist resorts and colonies. The ads are beginning to run in europe, hoping to create a naked European snowbird season called “euro-bird”.


Police in Ohio said an officer captured a reindeer that fell from a livestock truck and took a stroll down the middle of a state road.  Norton police said Officer Kevin Starling was driving down State Route 21 Sunday and encountered really slow traffic.  ”Every lane was just at a crawl. So, sure enough I got along on the left side and weaved my way through traffic. And sure enough, there was a reindeer walking down walking dead center in the middle of the roadway,” Starling said.  Sterling said he hopped out of his car and captured the animal.  ”There was nothing fancy about it. I just ran around, and grabbed onto the bridle. And that was the capture,” he said. Police determined the reindeer, which suffered road rash and a broken antler, had fallen from a livestock truck traveling from a farm in Massilon to a party in Beachwood. The animal was returned to its owner.