While I was in Owensboro last Friday, at Bobby Wilson's Furniture Store, (which is INCREDIBLE by the way) not only did I ding-dong around and have to show Bobby who's the boss with my Pro Wrestling moves, but I also met Wade. I was standing by the loading dock, finishing a break, when he rushed over to me and said, "Hey, I just heard you on my radio!"

I looked down and saw the cutest little boy around 10 years old. He was alone, no adults around so I couldn't really tell how he heard me other than through the speakers on the vehicle blasting WKDQ. He told me he loves WKDQ and listens to us every chance he gets...even when he rides his bike. Wade then turned around and pointed at his dirt bike type bicycle. Taped to the handle bars was an old transistor radio with a big ole antenna.

Wade and I stood there and talked for a while about how I sent my voice over the air, what it's like to be a dj, Wade's love of country music and how much he likes WKDQ.

You know, times like that, fans like Wade, make my long drive to work everyday worth it. Have I said lately how much I love my job?? Well. I DO!!!

Thank you, Wade. :-)

Bobby Wilson, me and Wade