When I was living in Downtown Evansville and had a dog, it absolutely astonished me how many dog owners fail to take care of business after the dogs DO their business. Cleaning up after your dog in public places is usually required by ordinance. One apartment complex in Riverdale, New Jersey has ordered dog DNA tests to see who is not scooping the poop. The policy requires dog owners to have their dog's mouth swabbed for DNA so that information can be used when waste is found on the property. Samples will be collected and tested and the owners will be notified.

Failure to have the test done by November 1st will carry a $100 fine. The 'first offense' fine will be $250 and could go as high as $1,000 for subsequent offenses.I say its about time because as I stated earlier, the problem is much more widespread than you might think.

We had a guy in our building who never cleaned up after his dog, which was a fairly large dog. We always took our dog to the park at 4th and Main as did our neighbor. It was disgusting how much waste was left behind by ignorant dog owners. Cleaning up after your dog is more than just common courtesy, it's just the common sense thing to do. Not doing it is simply a total disregard for your town and neighbors.

Another complex in Massachusetts has already implemented the DNA testing and reports a 90% decrease in the amount of waste. By the way, the EPA did a study in Seattle and found that almost 20% of the bacteria found in water samples came from dog waste...yikes! What do you think of DNA testing?