Angry Birds is without question one of the hottest downloads on the internet right now with more than 200 million. John Burk, a ninth grade physics teacher in Atlanta decided to use the phenomenon to his advantage in the classroom for physics lessons and in particular projectile motion. Burk asked his students "what are the laws of physics in the Angry Birds world?" Burk's theory is since the birds are catapulted into the sky, it was perfect for teaching students the laws of projectile motion. Burk wrote in his blog, "the two big ideas of projectile motion: the horizontal component of motion is constant velocity, while the vertical component is constant acceleration." Angry Birds has become a very popular tool with physics teachers since Google Chrome made it available on the web. Burk says his students had so much fun learning with Angry Birds, they want him to bring more gaming technology into the classroom. Students learn when they are interested and focused and this teacher proved his value with this outside the box way of thinking.