I've been screaming all season for a theme week that was a real theme.  We got it this week on American Idol, but in my opinion, it didn't allow for many "impressive vocals," as the contestants took on songs written by Carole King.  Nothing against the legendary songwriter, but I don't remember any awesome runs or high notes in her tunes.  All I knew is that Haley would be growling her way through "I Feel The Earth Move."  I was right on that, but it wasn't how I expected.  The contestants split up into 3 duets to add some flavor.  The obvious duos of Casey and Haley (I Feel The Earth Move), and Lauren and Scotty (Up On The Roof) both did stellar jobs, while the oddball pairing of the two left, Jacob and James kinda went wacky on "I'm Into Something Good."  But how did they do with their solo performances?  Here's my take on tonight's results.

Safe For Sure: James (Talk about great song choice!  He was right on the money with "Will You Love Me Tomorrow"  He mellowed it out, but still got in his high notes.  This guy made a big impact that will save him, no doubt about it.

On The Fence - Scotty (For the first time this season, Jimmy Iovene gave some good advice, the contestant took it, and it worked!  Jimmy told Scotty to hold back on his low Josh Turner-esque vocals at the start of "You've Got A Friend" and lo and behold, Scotty sounded like he had some versatility), Haley (I'm worried that I'm becoming a Haley fan, but I won't let that happen!  She sang "Beautiful" and that's what the judges called it...of course they never give bad reviews.  I think she's worked herself out of the bottom 3 this time), Casey (He may have finally played out his throwback style with his "scatty" Hi-De-Ho.  I think he will find another place in the bottom 3 this week), Lauren (She made me think of another lovely Lauren, Lauren Graham, as she did "Where You Lead" or the theme to "Gilmore Girls."  Don't ask how I know that.  Unfortunately, as much as I love her, the song was a little forgettable and may take her to the bottom 3 for the first time)  

Going Home - Jacob (I said he would go home last week, but I'm pretty certain this will be the case this week.  From his goofy attire to the screamy performace of "Oh No Not My Baby" it was too over the top and all wrong.  He should be shown the door this week.)