The competition has really heated up on Idol this season, but with every phenomenal week like we had last week, comes a sub-par week.  That's really what last night was.  I liked it better when the show had really specific themes.  Last night...hold on to your seat...was songs of the 21st century.  Really?!? So the contestants can pick any song as long as it was recorded in the last 10 and a half years.  Gee that's hard.  Although some (Scotty) still screwed that up.  Nobody was terrible, but nobody was great either.  With that, let's get to the predictions.

Safe For Sure: Haha, not falling for it this time.  I can't confidently put anyone in this category this week.

On The Fence - Lauren(While it was just an ok showing with Sara Evans' "Born To Fly" she will carry the country vote from last night and will probably avoid the bottom three), Stefano (He may have saved himself again by doing the most new and relevant song of the bunch.  He at least understood the importance of song choice, picking Neyo's "Closer"), Casey (I'm very disappointed that Casey always has to be weird and quirky, when he's got a good voice.  He could have nailed "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5, but instead just made faces and yelled.  It still was a familiar enough song to keep him moving),  James (I love how the "rock" contestants always perform like they will be a star on rock radio...I share office space with rock guys and trust me, even Steven Tyler is losing street cred with those stations for being on this show.  It didn't happen with Daughtry, Constantine, or Adam Lambert...not happening with James.  Ok, enough of the rant, he stuck with rock, doing a tune from Muse and he'll make it again), Haley (Now this girl has found her niche.  I'm not real familiar with Adele, but she nailed her song I think.  She might just stay out of the bottom 3 tonight, but I doubt it),     Scotty (Oh, you know he had "Swingin" in his back pocket waiting to use it for weeks.  First problem is that he had to use a loophole to sing it.  The version he sang was clearly the John Anderson version from the early 80's, but he claimed it was LeAnn Rimes version from last year.  Second problem, it wasn't new, exciting, or that good.  He'll get his first trip to the bottom 3 tonight) 

Going Home - Jacob (Great emotional story with "Dance With My Father" by the late Luther Vandross, but somebody's got to go, and I think Jacob has been forgotten.)