I have to say, I got a little cocky after my correct prediction of the double elimination two weeks ago, I was really wrong last week predicting the fate of Season 10's American Idol's.  Yes I said this

"Safe for sure - Pia (She picked up the tempo and her game by tackling Tina Turner "River Deep, Mountain High)"

OK, OK.  I was way wrong, I admit it.  I think it's safe to say that most of America was wrong there too, so I'm not too worried.  That being said, I'm back to attempt to redeem myself with this week's predictions as the Idols tackle songs from the movies. 

Safe For Sure: Lauren (Jimmy didn't need to say that she was going to pick up Pia's votes, she absolutely will.  She did Miley Cyrus's "The Climb" better than Miley could ever dream of doing it), James (He was back to doing what he does best, rockin' out to "Heavy Metal" and I think the little girls just love him) 

On The Fence - Scotty (I know, it's tough for me to have him in this group, but something's got to give.  Look what happened to Pia.  He had moments of brilliance in George Strait's "I Cross My Heart, but he also had some flat moments too), Haley (For once I like Haley's performance, and the judges didn't...what's up with that.  I still think her "Call Me" was enough to keep her around), Jacob (I was surprised at how easy Jimmy and will.i.am got him to change his song to "Bridge Over Troubled Waters."  I do think it was a good choice, but were last week's comments enough to spell his doom?)  Casey (I wonder if the judges are regretting saving this guy.  They continue to praise his work, but I think it may just be to cover their decision.  I did not enjoy his lounge-y "Nature Boy" from Nat King Cole, and I think this lands him back in the bottom 3), Stefano(I think everyone believed this guy was done last week, but here he stands while really, not just singing, but performing his butt off to Boyz II Men's "End Of The Road."  He will be in the bottom 3, but like last week, he's safe.)

Going Home - Paul (How in the world the word "Karaoke" wasn't mentioned for his "Old Time Rock And Roll" is beyond me.  It was so just ok.  I see no star in this guy, and this was a horrible song choice...c'mon judges!  I think you'll see just that tonight when he goes home.  BTW, Randy, don't give a shocked look when he does.  He deserves it),