After another great round of performances last night on American Idol, two of the top 11 will head home after tonight's show.  I thought I'd give a quick rundown of the standouts from last night's Elton John themed show.

Safe for sure - Scotty (I mean he found a country Elton John song, just awesome), Pia (She did an awesome rendition of "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me," and keeps her ballad streak alive), James (I knew he'd do a hot "Saturday Night's Alright" and he's got the fire to keep going), Casey (between last week's scare of elimination and his big turnaround this week, he's not going anywhere), Jacob (Still solid this week with "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word")

On The Fence - Lauren (I agree with Randy, that "Candle In The Wind" was her best yet, but will the fans forget it in a sea of great songs last night), Paul (He's such a niche artist, I think his game might be wearing off), Stefano (I hate to put him here, because he was one of my favorites with "Tiny Dancer" last night, but considering his bottom 3 appearance last week, he may not get the votes), Haley(I wish I could put her below, but after the praise she got for her growly "Benny And The Jets," she may be safe, sadly).

Going Home - Thia (Why is she still here?  She doesn't belong with the other talent on this show.  And even though her video package showed she might get emotional...she didn't), Naima (I really thought "I'm Still Standing" made a good reggae song...I don't like Naima's weird fake Rastafarian accent, and I think her time has come)