After seeing the top 4 perform on American Idol last night, this just keeps getting harder.  Last week, I put Skylar at the top of my list to stay and she was eliminated.  This week, I'm even more confused as to who should be in the finals, but I'll take another shot at it this week.

First of all, I've heard a lot of criticism about the duets on the show this year.  I think it's a great addition, and it shows diversity of the singers.  I especially liked Phillip and Joshua's duet of "This Love" by Maroon 5. (Of course thanks to the Fox crackdown of YouTube, we have only audio).

I have to tell you, after that performance, I saw the two contestants that quite possibly will be going head to head in the finals.  That being said, what happens on the results show?

Safe For Sure:

Joshua - Pretty earth-shattering, what he did to "It's a Man's World."  Not sure it was the "best thing I've ever heard" as Steven proclaimed.  (Side note: As a friend of mine noted, he's like 100, I'm sure he's heard better).  Anywho...the praise was well deserved on that song, but I LOVED "You Raise Me Up" even more.  Joshua has his spot in the final locked down.

On the Fence:

Phillip - I think his CCR song was just kind of a throw away song, but "Volcano" was beautiful.  Did you hear the screams though?  He's got a following for sure, and he's safe!

Jessica - Her Etta James tune was a little obscure for this close to the end, but her ability to tackle "And I'm Telling You" and nail it, even impressed me, and I'm not the biggest Jessica fan.  Too bad she'll be hitting the road next week.  They voted her off once...they'll do it again.

Going Home:

Hollie - I hate it for her, mainly because she's my favorite still remaining.  She didn't do herself any favors on Journey's "Faithfully."  Don't know what the judges heard, because she was quite "pitchy, dog."  I thought the Bonnie Raitt song was ok, but she could've done something bigger.

So, there, I've said it.  As good a year as it was for the girls, it'll be the boys in the final, and Phillip wins it.  Look at the last few years, minus Scotty you have David Cook, Kris Allen, and Lee Dewyze.  Phillip fits that mold, and the same folks are still voting.