Here we are at the end of another season of American Idol.  Everyone writes the show off every year, but it keeps coming back.  It'll be back again next year, even in a diminished schedule.  The finale approaches over the next 2 weeks as the top three contend for the title, but who will win?  Will it be the same person who should win?  Here are my thoughts.

This is the first year I haven't given my weekly thoughts on the show, but I wish I would have.  I have been right on (as has America) every week on the eliminations.  I's true!  Now, the question is will it continue into this week?  I'm not so sure.

Let's start with who I think gets shut out of the finale.  I believe that will be Alex.

This will also be the first time America gets it wrong.  Alex should be in the finals.  I didn't like him at the start, but he won me over with his creative presentation and killer vocals, if not his facials that just say, "I'm bored and something smells funny."  I hope he makes the finals, but he won't.

Making the finals in his place will be Caleb.

This old soul, with a killer voice is no doubt amazing, however, I give him one step down because of his marketability.  Where will he go if he wins?  What radio station will play his songs?  Not active rock.  They won't touch an AI alum (Daughtry anyone?).  He is too rock for Top 40.  Classic rock would work, but they don't play new music.  So, I guess in a year, they will try to pretend he's country.  He's pretty awesome, but shouldn't win or even get to the finals, but hey, if he does...please bring in Meatloaf to duet with him!

Finally, the winner of this year's competition and rightfully so...Jena!

See Idol, if you have good and unique female talent, they can win.  You don't have to rig the competition to make a girl win like last year.  Look what that got you.  Jena wasn't even a fans' choice to begin with.  She was chosen as a wild card!  Looks like she's proven herself to America and the judges, and she has the best possibility to make it in the pop music realm as a relevant artist!  Go Jena!