As the Christmas TV specials begin to appear on your TV, families will sit around and watch classics like Frosty, The Grinch, and Charlie Brown, but it all gets kicked off with 'Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer,' a classic for sure, but one I've noticed lately that a lot of the characters are not the nicest, and some are flat out jerks.

Now, I know the point of the story is to show how Rudolph overcomes being different, but in this age of fighting bullying, it seems the backlash against his glowing nose was a little uncalled for.


In the song, it was implied that the other reindeer who laughed and called him names were his peers, yet in the movie, it was his jerk coach, Comet who excludes him from all the reindeer games just because his nose "blinks like a blinkin' beacon."


Rudolph's best friend, Fireball, straight up stops being friends with him because of his nose.  Even Clarice, who tells him he's cute, first points out how weird he sounds with his nose covered.  He understandably gets upset before she tells him 'don't get angry.'  You can tell me not to get angry all you want, you little doe, but you just nitpicked my flaws two seconds after meeting me!


Of course, we can't talk jerks in the movie, without talking about the Elf Foreman.  Not only is he on Hermie's back about making toys, but he's critical of the Elves singing as well.  And how immature is it for him to encourage his other elf employees to mock Hermie because 'Hermie doesn't like to make toys.'

You know, watching that video, Hermie's kind of a jerk too.  He's got a job to do as an elf, and he's not getting the job done.  He deserves to be ridiculed.  You want to be a dentist, go to dental school and quit wasting our time at the toy factory.  Oh, and don't be a jerk by trying to make your own observation, Mr. Pea Soup.

Rudolph's dad, Donner is also quite a jerk in the movie.  He's immediately ashamed of his son's red nose, and tries to hide it.  Not to mention he's also quite the sexist when it comes to his wife.

Ouch...that was rude.  But you know you the biggest jerk of the entire movie is.  It's the one person you wouldn't expect to be (unless he was played by Billy Bob Thornton).  That's right, Santa Claus, himself was the overall complete jerk and cared about nothing but himself.

Enjoy watching this holiday classic this year, and take a lesson from it.  Don't be a jerk this Christmas, because someone will always outshine you!