Seeing so many crossovers to country music lately, made me think, "what makes a good crossover?"  It seems that most are not impressed with the Lady Gaga song posted earlier today, nor were very many folks happy with the notion that Cher may have been going country.  I find it odd however that I continue to get a lot of requests for rock band, Staind frontman, Aaron Lewis and his new song "Country Boy."  And of course let's not overlook the huge success of Darius Rucker.  I know some people have a problem with Taylor Swift or Lady Antebellum getting pop airplay, while others argue that Reba shouldn't have covered Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy."  Some country fans LOVE Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker, while others despise them.  So what is the deal?  I just don't know where the line is drawn.

My personal feeling is that if a song is put out for country radio that is a ginuwine, relatable song, then it doesn't matter who sings it.  I just have a problem with stars from other formats trying country, even if they don't FEEL it.  I believe this is the case with Ms. Gaga.  I think the opposite is true for Darius.  While he's always done pop music, he IS country and understands country.  On the topic of Aaron Lewis, I know the song is very relatable to many in the Tri-State and it has credibility added with George Jones and Charlie Daniels featured on it, but for me it seems forced.  Let's face it, the song sounds like a Staind song.  And it's almost as if Aaron is trying hard to convince us he REALLY lives the country lifestyle.  I don't doubt it, but it seems he's making a bigger push to win us over by repeating in his first country single, "A country boy is all I'll ever be..."

Maybe I'm wrong to think he's kind of pandering to us, but that doesn't make the song any worse or better.  I can actually dig it.  Just wish he would have tried a different lead-off single.  I would never say it's "Not Country" though.  I don't buy that argument on any song (nor do I accept it without explanation during New Music Monday so beware.)  The argument will never go away...Too Country...Not Country Enough.  Everyone has their own opinion, and isn't that what America's about?  And what country fan doesn't love America!?!  NOW THAT'S COUNTRY!