The book Fifty Shades of Grey swept the nation, and perhaps the world, like wildfire last summer. It seemed like 3 out of every 5 women read the series and discussed the elicit acts every morning around the company coffee pot.

The wildfire has since died down but talks of a movie have fed just enough oxygen to the fire to make it burn just a little longer. Of course, the movie is never as good as the book but the anticipation is killing us.

Here are some choices for Ana and Christian that we came up with. We want to know, who do you pick or want to nominate?

The characters are universal but complex in their own right. Because of the taboo content of the story, I'd say choosing the right character must rely on a track record of appropriate acting skills but without overkill from a character actor.

Christian Grey

Christian Grey is a very serious, ruthless businessman who is exceedingly loyal. At first, I imagined Christian Bale make a stellar Christian Grey but after I thought about his dark role in the Dark Knight series, I concluded that he is just a little overdone. We expect to see Bale in a dark, disturbing role. I'd say, choose someone whose personality is on the lighter side but can bring forth a whole new character should the circumstance lend itself. Ryan Gosling would make a good fit. He has done a few that have showcased his inner "monster" such as Blue Valentine and All Good Things. Another top contender in my opinion would be Jared Leto. Okay, work with me here. If you watched the one AMAZING series of My So Called Life, you'd already know what I'm talking about. He played the high school version of this role. Plus, he's got those eyes. Chills... up... spine...

Anastasia Steele

Strangely enough, I think there is more speculation around who will play Ana than Christian. I think she has to be someone who is deep down innocent but can open herself up to more. Though the relationship isn't openly paraded, she takes solace in her love for Christian. Originally, I thought Blake Lively would be a top candidate but much like Bale, I had second thoughts. She is just a little too confident. She has to be someone who doesn't know she's as beautiful as she is. This took me to her Pants sister, Alexis Bladel. I think a series like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was a great stepping stone to a role like this although much like Emma Watson, she may turn her nose up at the idea altogether.  I'm also liking Phantom of the Opera star, Emmy Rossum. She's doe-eyed and seems a little star-struck in most of the roles she's played. I also think she could bring the passion even more so than Bladel.

So there you have it. Who do you think should play the part?