My son Evan asked me the other day if I wanted to play Chess. He is only 9 and I had no idea he even knew what chess was. He said he learned a little about it, so we played a game and he crushed me very quickly. I am not a chess player by any stretch, but I had no idea he knew the basic rules. I came across this video today that just blew my mind. Greg Shahade is one of the great Chess players in the world and holds the title of International Master. He is also very involved with the U.S. Chess School...who such a thing even existed.

During one session at the school Shahade sat down with a 10-year-old prodigy, Samuel Sevian. Sam destroyed Shahade in just a few short minutes in what they call an impromptu blitz game. Sevian seemed far more impressed with the 7-UP he was drinking than with Shahade's ability to play the game. This video is pretty cool and very impressive.