I had the pleasure of going to Bosse Field today, and while there I noticed a shiny painted rock hiding outside of Bosse Field, and it had a really cool note with it. 


Apparently there is a new movement called "kindness rocks" basically, it's just people who paint rocks, and then hide them somewhere.  Then if you find a rock, you can replace it with one you've painted, or hide it in a different place.  It's basically a fun way to just make someones day, or make someones walk have a little scavenger hunt added in. Check below to see our video, and hint to where we hid the rock we found!

While in Garvin Park we found several painted rocks lying around, it was really fun spotting them. We ended up moving the one we found, do you think you can find it?

I checked out the Evansville rocks facebook page and here's what they had to say:

This is a page to post rocks you've painted or found. What you do is purchase or find rocks to paint or write things on then you hide them around town usually outside somewhere parks, parking lots, gas stations, etc. If you hide it inside please make sure the establishment is ok with you doing so before hand. You can also post pics of your rocks with clues of where you hide them. Let's spread the love and make someone's day. Happy hiding and finding.




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