If you haven't seen the funniest video to come out this past month, you must be living under a rock.   This video shows a little kid asking Alexa to play a song, and Alexa goes rogue and starts making some very NSFW suggestions to the child! 

Alexa is the Amazon echo, it's a device you put in your home and you can talk to it, ask it to play certain songs, what the weather is, etc... One little boy became a viral sensation after asking Alexa a very simple request "play digger digger"

A lot of people weren't sure what the kid was asking to hear in the video, I thought he was saying "Tigger Tigger" I figured it was probably a song from a Winnie the Pooh show or something, but no.  He was asking to hear "digger digger" a song from one of his favorite books.

Check out the video of Alexa going rogue below, and prepare to totally LOL Also fair warning, Alexa says some extremely unsavory things that children probably shouldn't hear, so watch with caution!

And here is where his dad explains what exactly happened to make Alexa say such a thing!

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