Theme park ride lines like the ones at any Disney park can be excruciatingly long and frustrating, on that we all agree, right? Well, what if you could shell out some cash and go right to the front of the line? According to the New York Post, that is exactly what is happening, except this story has a little twist. The cash is being paid to handicapped tour guides, who pose as family members to get them straight to the front of the line in a matter of a couple of minutes. As you can imagine, the people taking advantage of this seem to be snooty rich parents who feel it is beneath them to wait in a line like everyone else.

I don't know about you, but I find this appalling!!! At first, I thought this is some kind of sick joke, but apparently it is absolutely true and so far has been limited to rich Manhattan moms who say it is well worth the cost. The moms also say it is far more efficient than the Disney VIP guides which can cost between $310 and $380 per hour.

The service is offered by a group known as Dream Tours Florida and the cost generally runs about $130 per hour or $1,040 for a standard eight-hour day. Is it just me, or are you feeling nauseous as well?

I don't know who I am more mad at; the people who actually run this business, the disabled people who participate or the people who pay for the service. It just baffles my mind that this kind of thing is actually happening. Do some people, mainly the 1-percenters, really feel that self-entitled?

I am all for disabled persons being able to move to the front of any line, but this just seems to cross a line, doesn't it? I can't help but wonder about the disabled people who are participating in this, but there are a few people who use handicapped license plates for parking purposes who clearly aren't handicapped. It just feels SO wrong on SO many levels. Even writing this makes me feel very uneasy. What do you think?