Warrick County Animal Control made a great suggestion on a way to celebrate Valentine's Day if you don't have a Valentine this year! 

Lonely dog on the street
Getty Images/iStockphoto

I love this idea!

The other day on Warrick County Animal Control's facebook they shared a post about an idea for Valentine's Day if you don't have a Valentine (but I think this could also be cool if you have a Valentine too! There's too much pressure for gifts and hearts and flowers, so this is an awesome suggestion!

The post reads:

If you don’t have a Valentine to buy for. Can we suggest buying something for your local shelter or rescue and making a rescue pets life a little happier?

I LOVE that idea! Even if you aren't in the position to adopt a pet, shelter pets love treats and toys too! And if you don't have the extra money, volunteer to take some of the dogs on a walk.  They'll love that!

This is just a really sweet idea to make what can sometimes be a lame holiday a little sweeter!




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