The below video is causing a major stir with some even calling it a hoax. The video shows a guy named Jarno Smeets, who is a Dutch engineer, successfully flying a semi-human powered device that him look like a giant bird. Smeets has been dubbed the "Flying Dutchman" because of the way he pumps his arms to help flap the device's wings. The device gets some of it's power from tiny electronically controlled motors and University of Toronto's Dr. Todd Reichert calls the whole thing an elaborate hoax.

Reichert is an expert on bird and human powered flight and insists that because of the way the device is constructed and it's weight, manual flight would be impossible. Reichert assembled a team a while back to become the first to construct and fly a man-powered flapping wing aircraft so, it could be sour grapes on his part.

Other experts who have seen the video and will not commit one way or the other as far as authenticity, have said they see no evidence that the video demonstration was faked in any way.

Jamie Hynerman of 'Mythbusters' thinks the concept of the device is reasonable and says he is suspicious because there is very little detail shown of the actual device, but he also says that could be simply because they just didn't show it. You be the judge below, but if it's real, it's pretty amazing

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