Can you believe that school started this week? I know, we don't talk about it... but you might want to listen up because if you have little kids, I'm about to make your life EASIER when school starts.

My daughter started Kindergarten. I work every weekday so we get up at 5:30 and I drop her off by 6:30. Every moment in the morning is precious! Can't find something? Say goodbye to 15 minutes! And, figuring things out the night before sounds great but that doesn't always work out either.

I implemented a plan a couple years ago and I'm happy to report it has changed our morning routine for the better! It's EASY too if you give it, like, 3% effort.

When I fold my daughter's clothes, I put them into outfits which include: top, bottoms, undies, socks and sweater (if applicable). I bought several boxes of gallon-size zip lock bags and put each completed outfit into a bag. Sometimes I include jewelry and bows too.

Then, at night, or in the morning she picks a bag and that's what she wears that day. We don't fight over outfits because she gets to "pick" the outfit. I am not running around for 30 minutes looking for a matching pair of socks or clean underwear... it's all there.

And if you are thinking, "I can't keep up with this..." YOU CAN! Just have your baggies there when you fold clothes and bam, it's DONE. I promise you'll love it and BONUS it makes packing for trips so much easier too.

Got more life tips for busy parents? Email them to me!

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