There's no doubt that 2020 has been a rough one.  I feel like January and February were off to a good start, but once March rolled around the proverbial crap hit the fan.  We were thrown into a global pandemic, and just about everything has been bananas since then.  

This week we'll be ringing in the new year, 2021, and I think just about all of us are ready to say goodbye to 2020. Now not everything goes back to normal when the clock strikes midnight on December 31, but thanks to vaccines being approved, and slowly becoming more available, it seems like things will be back to some kind of normal in 2021, it will just take some time. In the mean time I know many who are super happy to say "later days dude" to 2020, and I think I've stumbled upon the best decorations for your FU (forget you) 2020 party. 

Party City released a line of New Years Eve decorations that are *chefs kiss* they hit the nail on the head for how we're all feeling this year.  Check them out. 

These NYE Decorations Sum Up How we Feel About 2020 Ending

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