Last night, my wife asked me to get something out of her purse. I searched and searched and didn't find anything even remotely close to what I was looking for. She of course, had to find it herself, which required dumping the entire contents of her purse onto the table. I looked at all that crap and couldn't believe how much stuff was in there. She screamed with excitement at the site of a pen she thought she lost eons ago, only to find it in that abyss known as her purse.I half expected to find Jimmy Hoffa's remains!!

Naturally we never found what she was looking for and I found myself wondering how much all of that stuff was worth. Low and behold, I find an article that says the average purse costs around $400 and the contents inside the purse is worth about $1,500 on average.....$1,500!!!!

Yes, her phone and her sunglasses were in there, which accounts for most of the value, but there were other things in there that I'm sure weren't cheap. She had  a very nice platinum business card holder in there, of course with no business cards. Also, make-up and not the cheap stuff, metal nick nacks, two hex keys and that was just from the small inside pocket! Why she would have hex keys is anybody's guess.

Her wallet was also in there, which also carries some value, but the most astonishing part of all that was how many she asked, "how did that get in here?" The answer to that is as mysterious as what lies beyond the mortal world. What do you think?

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