santa claus

Santa Came To Owensboro Sunday
Angel here! Santa and Mrs. Claus came to town yesterday. Santa is often busy all throughout the year since the Coronavirus came to town Santa has shut his workshop down and allowed his elves to be #healthyathome.
I absolutely love this video. Santa Jay aka Santa Claus is from Danville, Kentucky and not only is he a jolly old elf with a real beard, but he also has a special way to communicate with children who are deaf or hard of hearing.
14 Creepy Santas Who Might Give You Nightmares
We love Santa. We really do! He's probably the coolest old guy we know, spending his life making presents, managing elves and eating cookies. Truth be told, we're sort of jealous. The jolly old guy usually looks bright and cheery and not all that scary, which is yet another reason we'…

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