krystal keith

Recipe by Krystal Keith
Toby Keith's daughter Krystal Keith is an accomplished cook, posting and sharing recipes on her Barnyard Bistro blog. With the warm and fuzzy fall season in full effect, the songstress has shared her pumpkin bread cupcakes recipe, which epitomize toasty, cozy autumn. Try not to drool just thinking about them!
Krystal Keith, ‘Get Your Redneck On’ – Single Review
Krystal Keith, Oklahoma native and daughter of Toby Keith, serves as evidence that music is hereditary. She has a natural robustness and beauty to her voice that she undoubtedly inherited. However, the comparisons diminish from there, because Krystal's "Get Your Redneck On" has a decidedly more youthful and energetic sound than anything produced by her father. ...