‘Coke’ Prank on Cops Is Funny, But……[Video]
It is never a good idea to try and be a comedian when interacting with the police. Trying pull a prank on a police officer is an even worse idea, but four guys in Los Angeles thought it would be a hoot to prank two LAPD officers using Coke.
Heather’s Dog Might Be The Definition of ‘Spoiled’
I adopted my dog, Dalis, back in March from the Vanderburgh Humane Society. She was abandoned in an apartment by her owners and locked inside of a storage bin. Luckily the landlord found her quickly and she was able to find a good, I mean GREAT, home with me...
GPS Prank is Very Eerily Funny
Have you ever stopped to think about how GPS works? It really is kinda cool, albeit in a strange sort of way. I know this has happened to're driving, you're all alone in the car with nothing but an endless stretch of road in front of you. You find yourself wondering, what if all of a sudden, your GPS started to converse with you?.......freaky.
Danny Thomas, a Man of Laughter Before Hope
The man who started St Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN, was first a nightclub comedian who became a very successful television star and producer. His career spanned five decades. My grandparents and parents loved him.Take a look at the man who made millions laugh all over the world.
Want to learn some jokes?
Even though you think I'm funny in the mornings (ok, half of you...alright, some of you...FINE, a FEW of you...GEEZ, OK, a COUPLE of you, OMG...OK, just my mom!), I still can't tell a REAL joke. True story! Tell me a joke and I'll forget it within 10 minutes. I can never remember the right words to say to make it make sense. Make sense? Well, if YOU are like ME, I have found a video to help all of
Bored At Lunch? Read A Little
How often do we grab the reciept, at lunch, pay it, and then move on with life.  If you were observant like me, you might get a little laugh out of life.  Take this one, for example.  My lunch today was at Old Chicago (one of my favorite lunch outings)...
What’s Your Caption Contest? Every Friday, we will be posting a pic right here on our website! We want you to comment a creative caption. Be creative!!!! The winner will be chosen on Monday morning with Jon and Leslie at 7:20. What is YOUR caption for this pic?????...

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