Dogs Show Their Guilt As Hilariously As Children
Think dogs don't show human emotion? Well, guess again. Sometimes dogs are so human-like its almost scary. We always just assume that dogs have no idea what we are saying or feeling, but the below video proves just the opposite.
10 Dogs Getting Their Groove On
It seems like every day we discover yet another reason to reaffirm the awesomeness of our four-legged friends. For one thing, dogs are super troopers when it comes to our embarrassing Facebook antics.
10 TGIF Memes to Celebrate the Weekend
It's a very special day. It's Friday! In case this terrible, terrible song doesn't quite capture how excited we are for the weekend (we so excited), here are some memes. In case the memes don't adequately express how excited we are for the weekend, just look for the person wearin…
Dog Blog
Since Eric has taken off again and driven away, probably never to return, I thought I'd share some thoughts about my life in the Cornish household.  I'm Eva and my birthday is next week.  That's right, 5 years old, and I feel pretty good for a middle-aged lady.

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