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Pint Sized Darth Vader Needs Heart Surgery [Videos]
We will never forget the Volkswagen commercial from the 2011 Super Bowl that featured a pint-sized Darth Vader trying to use 'the force' to no avail until, thanks to a little help, he starts the car to his complete amazement. The commercial is one of the best ever and the star, seven-year-…
Get Ready For The ‘Star Wars Disco Ballet’ [Video]
Imagine Star Wars, Disco and Ballet all rolled into one production. On the surface, you might be thinking what the....but in reality, what you get is a four minute 'disco ballet' that just might be the coolest thing you have ever seen, especially if you are  a Star Wars fan.
Kid Reacts To Darth Vader’s Stunning Admission [Video]
The 'Star Wars' francjise has endured and thrived for more than 40 years and is almost as big today as it was in the 7o's. My two sons watch every movie they can and can almost recite all of the scripts word for word. Do you remember how shocked you were when Darth Vader made that stunning admission…