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Coca-Cola Brings Back Surge [VIDEO]
Several months ago, I pleaded on my 'Bring It Back' series, for my favorite drink growing up to return.  It appears as if my demands have been answered, as Coca-Cola is bringing back Surge!
Eric Says, "Bring Back MASK"
I think everyone misses Saturday morning cartoons.  It's just something we all grew up on that has all but disappeared on broadcast networks.  Who get forget, however, the strange and offbeat live action shows that were on Saturdays, most of the times REALLY EARLY!
Eric Says, "Bring Back MASK"
Another Wednesday afternoon of wondering what I might wish to bring back for this edition of Eric Says Bring It Back, and then I realized, I have all I need coming back this weekend for the first time since 2012.  I may have told you once before about my Trifecta of Happiness, but this weekend …
Eric Says, "Bring Back MASK"
My stupidity has caused me to lose something.  It's something you don't realize is so important until it's gone.  It's a part of me...a part I want back, and only time will bring it back to me.
Eric Says, "Bring Back MASK"
I don't mind the ease of the internet.  Heck, you're on it right now looking at this, so it is pretty cool.  The thing is, sometimes I miss a catalog and a handful of hand-cut cardboard 'points.'  Find out what I'm talking about in this 'Bring It Back.&ap…
Eric Says, "Bring Back MASK"
If there was one toy, besides wrestling action figures of course, that I could still play with today, and not be looked at strangely, it would be the subject of this week's 'Bring It Back!'  And while we're at it, how about a movie already?
Eric Says Bring It Back – Human Decency
I was witness to some extremely self-centered behavior this morning and I'm not going to stand for it.  People, none of you are more important than anyone else!  Stop acting like it and bring back a sense of human decency!
Eric Says Bring It Back – Laff-A-Lympics
The Hub has been running cartoon reruns again, and I have gotten nostalgic.  It's the All Star Laff-A-Lympics, and as the Play-byPlay announcer, Snagglepuss would say, "Let's go to the tape...the video blog even!"  Eric Says Bring It Back!
Eric Says Bring It Back – TV Theme Songs
It's Wednesday, that means it's time for another 'Bring It Back.' Today, I want to travel back in time to the 80's and 90's where all the good shows on prime time TV, also had good theme songs.  So, here we go...In East Louisville, Kentucky born and raised, watchin…
Eric Says Bring It Back – Surge
It's Wednesday, that means it's time for another 'Bring It Back.'  In my high school days, there was only one drink I went for when it was time to quench my thirst.  Whether it was a boost of caffeine I needed for some country line dancing, or I just needed something to…

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