Baby Plus Lemon Equals Viral Video [Video]
Watching anybody try and eat a lemon is funny, but when a baby gets a hold of the sour piece of citrus, you get a video that you just can't stop watching. The baby in the below video is having quite the time eating a lemon. Even though he makes that shuttering sour face, he keeps right on eating the lemon like he can't get enough...
This Is One Busy Baby [Video]
We live in a society where people are obsessed with their cell phones and can't seem to live without them. Our entire lives are in those phones and we have to be ready for that next deal and the baby in this video is no exception.
Baby Thinks Magazine Is A Broken iPad [Video]
Do we live in a technological world or what? Today's children are growing up with more digital than print media. We see children all the time playing with mom and dad's smartphone or laptop. This video is a perfect example of the world we live in today.
Daddy Climbs In The Crib
You know, there are nights I feel like trying this to get my daughter to sleep, but this dad should know he's in for the long run.  So funny for any parent.