This weekend I got to witness something very special, a surprise wedding proposal! 


My cousin Shelby was celebrating her 21st birthday on Monday December 26, and while she was celebrating with friends and family, she had no idea what her boyfriend, excuse me, her now fiance' Aaron had in store for her!

We all went to the Darmstadt Inn to celebrate Shelby's birthday, and while most of the family thought we were there to celebrate Shelby's birthday, many didn't know that Aaron was planning the biggest surprise of Shelby's life.

Shelby and Aaron have been together for a long time now, and Aaron told me a  couple weeks ago that he had gotten Shelby a ring! He wanted to surprise her on her birthday surrounded by family and friends, he asked me and my Aunt Neen (Shelby's mom) to come up with a distraction, so he could get her to not pay attention to him, while he prepares to get the ring out.  He also requested that I record the proposal for him. To make it not look suspicious we decided to sing happy birthday to her and at the end of the song Shelby got a HUGE surprise!

Check out the sweet video of the proposal below!

My favorite part is when Shelby says "don't do this!" She thought he was just kidding until she saw him on one knee!

I'm so happy for you Shelby! I couldn't have picked a better guy for you! I wish you both so many years of happiness! Let the wedding planning and over stressing about all the little things begin! ;)

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