Social media has so many pros and cons.

Pro...Check out this amazing dessert I whipped up from scratch, doesn't it look yummy?

Con...Starting a post with "I just wanted to say."

Pro...Happy Birthday to my wife.

Con...Giving political advice and opinion when you're a wedding DJ.

Pro...I'm 7 month pregnant, look at my belly bump!

Con...I'm 7 month pregnant, look at my belly bump! Doesn't this dress look great on me, even though I stole it? Yikes!!!

Allow me to introduce you to Danielle Saxton of West Frankfort, Illinois. She is preggo and everything is going great. Feeling good and looking good in her new dress, so let's take a selfie and put it on Facebook!

Danielle was at Morties Boutique, and decided to steal a colorful leopard print dress. The owner of the boutique was made aware of the social media post and reported it to the police. Con...that makes it super easy for the cops to track you down. She even did the "hand on hip" selfie pose, CHECK IT OUT

"I thought [shoplifting] was going on, but I just couldn't catch it." - Morties Boutique co-owner Gay Morton

I wonder if this is baby book material? I mean this happened in 2014, so the kid is like what, seven now? I wonder what kind of "hot" baby gifts this kid received.

Theft is bad. Posting what you stole on social media, yah...not smart. Don't be Danielle.

Saxton was arrested and charged with theft.

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Say cheese, Illinois!




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