A new study came out and said the average dog owner will post about their pet on social media about 6 times a week.  The study also said about 1 in ever 5 photos on a dog owners phone are typically of their dogs.  I'd say mine's more like 1 in every 3 photos...but I digress haha! So I want to see WKDQ listeners last photos they took of their pets! 

Let's be honest Facebook is such a downer anymore, and it seems you can't scroll through your newsfeed without seeing sad things and people arguing about politics, so I say let's put pet photos back on Facebook! I started by posting this photo on the WKDQ facebook, over 100 comments with photos of listeners pets rolled in and it makes me so happy!

This photo is of my new puppy, George, and of course my dog, Wrigley.  Wrigley is my second skin and constantly like to be next to me, and George is becoming that way. So when she curled up next to me on the couch he jumped up and hoarded in between us like the big lug he is.  Wrigley just seems a bit defeated if you can tell by the photo she didn't even attempt to get up, and just let his big butt lay on her haha!


So show me your pets!

Post your pet photos below!!

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