Since my granddaughter moved away, I have been trying to think of ways for us to stay connected. You know, make extra special memories that she will always remember.

We Face Time quite a bit. She will tell her mommy that she misses me and we actually get to see each other. It's better than just talking on the phone like my mom had to do when I moved to Florida with her granddaughter. Oh, technology. I am so lucky to be a Mammy now.

When it comes to Christmas I have thought about starting a tradition of making gingerbread houses. It's obviously a grandma thing to do, look at the above pic. LOL The problem with that is, I am not a baker. My fear is I would start a tradition that would end after one try making a house. The gingerbread house would look like an earthquake hit. I'm not known for my presentation, just ask my mother-in- law. She will tell you a sad story of one Christmas morning when a bunt pan of rising Monkey Bread looked like The Blob had taken over counter. She quickly saved the day by dividing the bread up into three pans, and we put them in the oven. They were good but looked terrible.

Anyway, you see now why I would be frightened by the thought of such a baking, all about the presentation, endeavor. So, when I saw that Costco is selling a pre-made ginger bread house that you only have to decorate, I was relieved. Maybe I can start this Christmas tradition with my granddaughter.

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$9.99 If you've ever built a gingerbread house with a 2 year old, you know why a pre-built one is so great This one comes with the icing and candy for the little ones to create with . . . . . #costcodeals #costcohaul #costcolife #costcobuys #costco #costcohotfinds #costcofinds #costcomom #boymom #girlmom #holidayfun #kidprojects

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According to,

The kit includes a pre-made house, assorted candies, and pre-made icing with a tip. You literally just have to put a little candy on it, dash on some icing wherever you’re feeling it...


...@costcohotfinds says it’s just $9.99.



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