The idea of another dimension, where souls move about, is amazing to think about. I guess we gravitate toward that idea because it makes us feel closer to our loved ones who have passed. When we think about it like that, we welcome the idea of spirits among us.

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My experience with a medium

I once had a psychic reading from a medium that blew my mind. Now, keep in mind I was very skeptical. Random ghosts are one thing, but talking to the dead is another. I think a lot of that is hogwash. But, I AM willing to keep an open mind.

As she began to talk, I gave her no context clues for which to  build a story around. I just listened and said nothing. She mentioned a woman and two men, then described the  personalities of three of my grandparents to a tee. She even shared with me a big family secret that she had no way of knowing. I didn't even know about it until after the reading when I asked my mom about the details and if it was true. She confirmed the story told to me by the medium.

My openness to the all things paranormal

I think my openness to all things paranormal is why my husband won't take me places like the notoriously haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium, in Louisville, KY. He's actually afraid I might bring someone or something home with me. But, I still want to go. I'm just a little obsessed with the place. I belong many to Facebook groups that get excited about places like Waverly Hills, too.

Image in doorway

Last year, someone in one of my groups, unexpectedly captured a ghost photo at Waverly Hills. It's a picture that is very hard to explain. The photo shows an incredible vision of a couple of ghostly images moving around outside. 

If you look closely, you can see an image of a body passing by the door. The image even shows a boot or shoe. If you look even closer, to the far left back window, you can see a smaller image, almost like a child, coming around the outside corner, too. The figure appears to be following the other ghost-like figure.

Maggir Clark/Facebook

A closer look

Maggie Clark/Facebook
Maggie Clark/Facebook

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