If you've been on social media at all the past week chances are you've seen people talking about the Netlix series, 13 Reasons Why.  This show is unlike anything I've watched before, and i won't lie, I've also ended up on the 13 Reasons Why bandwagon, but I had no idea one character is played by an actor from the tri-state! 

13 Reasons Why is based off a book, and it's a Netflix series that follows Clay Jensen, and his quest to find out why his friend Hannah ended her life. Hannah Baker is a high school student who took her own life.  She left behind a series of tapes chronicling the bullying she faced in school, and calling out each person who let her down.  The series follows Clay on his journey of listening to the tapes, and piecing together the real reason Hannah did it. It's a really great series, I highly recommend it!!

Clay Jensen is played by Dylan Minnette, who is from right here in Evansville!


How cool is that?!

According to his IMDB page, he was born in Evansville, and at 7 years old was scouted by an agent in Chicago.  He has since moved from Evansville, but is now having huge success in his role as Clay Jensen from 13 Reasons why!



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