I have never thought bullets could look so pretty! 

Bang Bang Ballistic Jewelry is  local, handmade, one of a kind jewelry made from used bullet casings It is co-owned by a disabled Afghanistan War Veteran.

My dear friend Shanna makes stunning jewelry all out of bullet casings! It's so cool! I ran into her at Funk in the City a few weeks ago and she told me she had been meaning to drop by and give me a wedding gift she made for me.  Last night she dropped by my remote and I'm pretty sure I hugged her like 10 times.  How awesome is this necklace?  She told me the bar is made out of a 50 caliber bullet!



The necklace is amazing, and look at these earrings!



So much talent!

Another really cool thing I saw that Bang Bang Ballistic does, is they will take the casings from your loved ones 21-gun salute and turn the casings into great memorial pieces that you can wear.  They make everything from earrings, necklaces, rings, to belt buckles and key chains, and all made from bullet casings.

You can check out Bang Bang Ballistic here!