A Kentucky man came face to face with infamous killer John Wayne Gacy and recently shared his story.

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John Wayne Gacy

The name John Wayne Gacy can instantly give you a nauseating feeling.  In the late 1970s when his crimes came to light, it was a shock to the nation. According to the FBI, John Wayne Gacy is responsible for 33 murders of young men and children that we know of.

In 1979, John Wayne Gacy (1942-1994) was arrested in Cook County, Illinois for a series of murders in the area of Des Moines, Illinois. The FBI provided investigative assistance to Illinois police. In 1980, Gacy was convicted of murdering 33 young men ranging in age from 14 to 21.

Gacy was executed in 1994.

YouTube/Des Plains Police Department/Canva
YouTube/Des Plaines Police Department/Canva

Kentucky Man Recounts Coming Face to Face with a Killer

Recently an online series called Soft White Underbelly interviewed a man who came face to face with John  Wayne Gacy in the year 1970.   According to Biography, 1970 would be two years before Gacy murdered his first victim.  However, 1970 is also the year he was granted parole from a 10-year prison sentence where he was charged with sexual assault, so his crime spree had already begun by the time Tony had his run in with Gacy.

In the interview, Tony talks about how he encountered Gacy at Kenlake State Park in Kentucky.  Tony was only 14 years old when he ran into Gacy at the state park, Gacy invited him into his hotel room for a beer, and that's when Tony's scary encounter began.

You can watch Tony's story below, thankfully Tony was able to get away from Gacy, and now he's ready to share his story with the world.

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